Degrassi High Wiki

I feel that your show of all time Canadian TV is the best....Not being a Gay person they played a lot of Kids in the Hall here in the states which was funny, but I know more about life from Degrassi High than any other show from the 1990's.

I had attended small junior high and we stated watching it in 7th or 8 th grade with my school on retreats.  It was a time where I feel I was growing as a person and I wanted to deal with the issues from the show.

someday can I wear a Liz tshirt and can she be my older sister who helps me grow up and learn about right and wrong and how to live in peace and still have values......Liz was the must grateful of the characters understanding that it was only by chance that she was to be given the gift of life at all.  

I thank the program and as I become older I sometimes feel that it was ever the more telling of different parts of life and the american/canadian dream

thank you dan meister 

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