Template:InfoboxActor Linda Schuyler is the co-creator of the Degrassi series. Linda was born in the United Kingdom, but when she was young, she moved with her family to Canada.

She became a school teacher shortly after her schooling. She decided, with her good friend Kit Hood, to start a interesting, but educational television show for teenagers. They also formed the defunct Playing With Time Inc.

She used many issues she saw while teaching in the shows. During the time of Degrassi Junior High she did the voice of Lucy Fernandez's mother over the telephone in the episode "What a Night!". Later on during the time of Degrassi High she made an uncredited appearance as an unnamed teacher at the beginning of the episode "Just Friends". Linda has gone on to create other shows, such as Instant Star and The L.A. Complex. Today she and her husband Stephen Stohn run Epitome Pictures which produce Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Schuyler has won many awards, including the Academy Achievement Award in 2010. On January 20, 2012, Schuyler was appointed as Order of Ontario, the highest honor Ontario citizen can receive.

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