Degrassi Junior High Claude's suicide FULL SCENE

Degrassi Junior High Claude's suicide FULL SCENE

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Write the second section of your page here. Degrassi High School is a high school in Toronto. It holds grades 9-12. The Junior High that shared the name burned down in the 1989-1990 school year.

Notable Events Edit

Many Events occurred at this high school.

Suicide of Claude Tanner Edit

In 1991 Claude Tanner brought a gun on campus without the intent on shooting anyone. He went into one of the boys restrooms and shot himself in the head. Student Archie Simpson was the student who found Tanner's body in the rest room. The school did not go into lockdown, but the police were called and students were notified. Students were then let out early to their parents. The school Talent Show was dedicated in Claude's memory, and all the money went to a charity of his parents' choice.

Shut Down Due To Maintence Edit

In 1991, the school was suffering from major building problems. As a result, Degrassi High was shut down. Students from grades 9-11 were sent to other schools around the district. Degrassi High would not re-open until the fall of 2001 as the new Degrassi Community School.

Degrassi Community School Edit

Degrassi re opened in the fall of 2001 to new 7th and 8th graders. The school then turned into a grade 7-12 school. A few years later the school turned into just a grade 9-12 high school. Students who attended the original Degrassi High consider themselves alumni from this school as well. While DHS was filmed at Centennial College in Toronto, DCS is a specially-converted former industrial bakery owned by (and also home to the offices of) Epitome Pictures.

Graduates Edit

Though it was shut down due to maintenance the past still consider themselves alumni to Degrassi.



Left Before Graduating Edit

Died While Attending Edit

Faculty and Staff Edit

  • Mr. Lawrence - Principal of Degrassi Junior High.
  • Daniel Raditch - English Teacher and later on vice principal of Degrassi High School.
  • Mr. Garcia - The Grade Nine Teacher at Degrassi Junior High from September 1988 until June 1989.
  • Karen Avery - Social Studies Teacher at Degrassi Junior High School and later on Manager of Degrassi High School's Resource Center from September 1989 until June 1990.
  • Doris Bell - Secretary of Degrassi junior High School.
  • Mr. Colby - Substitute Teacher
  • Louella Hawkins - Custodian and Janitor of Degrassi Junior High School.
  • Mr. Walfish - An English and Literature Teacher at Degrassi High School.
  • Mr. Webster - A Science Teacher at Degrassi High School.
  • Mrs. Perry - The Special Education Teacher at Degrassi High School.

Notable Alumni Edit

Caitlin Ryan- Environmentalist/ TV host of her own show. She also attended Degrassi Junior High

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