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==Character Information==
==Character Information==
'''Christine “Spike” Nelson''' (born September 1974) is a hair stylist in Toronto, Canada. She is a former student at Degrassi Junior High School she also plays the flute in the school band. At age 14, she became pregnant with her first child with then-boyfriend Shane McKay, and she gave birth to her child, whom she named [[Emma Nelson]].
'''Caitlin Ryan''' (born September 1974)
She is also friends with [[Joey Jeremiah]], [[Erica Farrell]], [[Heather Farrell]], [[Tessa Campanelli]], [[Archie "Snake" Simpson]], [[Derek Wheeler]], and somewhat friendly with Shane McKay.
portrayed by [[]].
portrayed by [[Amanda Stepto]].

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Caitlin Ryan
Full Name Christine Nelson
Nickname(s)9 Spike
Gender Female
Date of birth September 1974
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Bleach Blonde
Family Ms. Nelson (Mother)
Unnamed (Father)
Emma Nelson (Daughter)
Relationships Shane McKay (Ex Boyfriend)
Patrick (Ex Boyfriend)
Job Hair Stylist
High School Degrassi High School
First Episode A New Start (Part One)
Last Episode One Last Dance

Character Information

Caitlin Ryan (born September 1974) portrayed by [[]].

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